Get Proper Cover – With Lucas Coaters!

It’s really important to keep your counter display looking fresh and interesting. It’s also important to make sure all your customers’ favourite buys are always available. To achieve the best of both worlds, it’s great to introduce new ideas alongside tried and tested products.

If you’re tempted to do something radical, that’s laudable and might work in your shop. However, it’s not always necessary to be too ‘out there’ in order to achieve a different look and feel and to tempt customers to try something new. That’s where Lucas Coaters come in. You can pep up a whole host of meats and cuts by simply coating them in one of our delicious-tasting and fabulously good-looking Coaters.

A rather boring (though perennially popular) chicken breast will suddenly gain new life (not literally, of course!), when you cover it in eye-poppingly tasty Mexican Style Coater. Your display will suddenly look so much more interesting when you take a pork chop and coat it in spicy and vibrant Bombay Coater.  Sweet Chilli Coater looks fantastic on a wide variety of meats. Or why not create an interesting range of Scotch Eggs, each with a different outside coating? From the simple to the more elaborate, you can certainly be sure that your display will benefit from the introduction of the vivid colours and crunchy textures that are a feature of Lucas Coaters.

Most importantly, using Lucas Coaters doesn’t involve a great deal of extra work. All the Coaters are ready blended and ready to use. Simply press the meat into the Coater until a good covering is achieved and you’re done. That’s it!

If you’ve used a Lucas Coater successfully, feel free to share your ideas with us… we’re always happy to learn and to pass on the good work of our retail butcher friends.

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