Lucas Bechamel Sauce, Chicken, Leek and Smoked Cheese

Beef Madras
Using Lucas Madras Curry Sauce Mix 20053038

Product Recipe - J23

Product make up:

(makes 2 trays Scale up accordingly)

Diced Beef 225g (Precook for 2-2 hours allow to cool) (e.g. Chuck Steak)
Diced Potatoes 45g (parboiled)
Diced Onions 20g (parboiled)
Salad Tomatoes (quartered)
Chopped Coriander for garnish Made up Madras Sauce 500g (100g dry madras sauce mix and 400g Cold Water)


  1. Make up the Madras sauce mix using the quantities above. Place the dry powder mix in a bowl, along with the cold water and mix thoroughly.
  2. To the made up sauce, add the cooked beef, potatoes, onions and salad tomatoes. Mix all together.
  3. The Curry can be sold as a kitchen ready product, either in foil, cpet or similar ovenable trays. Alternatively serve from the counter in a large bowl or deep tray, then decant into individual ovenable trays.
  4. As a ready meal, pre-cook the curry in suitable trays, cool, and sell either chilled or frozen to be re-heated in an oven or microwave.

The sauce is freeze stable, so is suitable for making in large batch sizes.

Cooking Instructions:

  • Oven cook. Cooking temperature 190C
  • During cooking, stir the sauce a couple of times.
  • Cook until piping hot, or an even temperature of 72C is reached.


Bechamel Sauce, Chicken, Leek and Smoked Cheese


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