Lucas Chicken Madras Curry

Chicken Madras Curry
Using Lucas Madras Curry Sauce - 20053038

Product Recipe - J14

Product make up:

Usage: 20% dry mix to 80% Cold Water.
For every 1 Kg made up sauce (200g dry mix to 800g Cold Water), you will require:-

50g Tomato Puree
5g Fresh Chopped coriander
90g Potato - diced (par-boil)
45g Onion - diced (par-boil)
450g diced chicken


  1. Prepare the fresh additions.
  2. Hydrate the sauce
  3. Add fresh additions to the sauce
  4. Product is ready for cooking or you can freeze.
  5. Cooking temperature 190°C
  6. During cooking, stir the sauce a couple of times.


Chicken Madras Curry


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