Need Something New on your Counter? We have the Cure!

It’s astonishing that even now, many retail butchers don’t cure their own bacon. The perception seems to be that it’s difficult to do, time-consuming and not really worth the effort. How wrong that perception is!

Home-curing using a Lucas pre-blended cure mix really is very straight-forward and butchers who’ve never had a go before will find using a dry cure very easy and surprisingly quick. It’s a given that customers who shop at their local butcher’s shop will appreciate the benefits of buying bacon that the butcher has cured with care and attention.

As a butcher, there are three real benefits to curing your own bacon: 

1. You control the quality
2. You control the quality
3. You control the quality

Get the message? We can’t stress enough the importance of creating your own high-quality cured meats and particularly, your own bacon.

Supermarkets and high street chains are full of bacon in nice shiny plastic packets, but how does the customer know the provenance of that bacon? By curing your own bacon, you will know exactly where the meat came from and can vouch for its high quality. By using Lucas Cures to cure your bacon, you will know exactly what ingredients the cure contains and in what quantities. And again, you’ll know you’ve used the best quality. That reassurance and knowledge is vital to today’s discerning consumer and may give you the edge over your competitors.

Not only that; curing your own bacon provides the opportunity for you to introduce different flavours, such as Black Treacle Bacon and home-cured gammons, or better still, as your confidence grows; to introduce more charcuterie meats such as pancetta, or pastrami.

Lucas Easicure Dry Cures are best sellers – chosen by retail butchers throughout the UK. They’re award-winners – selected by the most experienced judges in the most respected competitions. Most importantly, though, they’re loved by consumers and let’s face it, you won’t get a better recommendation than that.

If we still haven’t convinced you and you’re still unsure about the possibilities for curing your own bacon, we’ve produced a demonstration video to help you out. Have a go and let your customers do the deciding.

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