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Take a look at some of the latest developments happening at Lucas. In this, our News & Events section you will find a collection of recent news articles and a list of up and coming events.

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NEW! Lucas Smokehouse – Sensationally Tasty!

Lucas Ingredients has now unveiled its complete “Smokehouse” range of mixes for retail butchers, with fantastic burger mixes, superb sausages, a delicious dry cure for bacon and a really amazing Rub.

Sausage Product Recipes

Burger Product Recipes

Salt and Pepper Rub

Easicure Smoke Drycure

For a free sample complete the Contact Us form, or call Lucas free on 0800 138 5837.

Smokehouse Products


We are delighted to announce a new addition to our Butchers Classic Range of sausage mixes.

NEW! Butchers Classic Moroccan Sausage Mix - 20459266

Pack Size: 5x567g

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Butchers Classic Moroccan Sausage Mix

Lucas is delighted to be sponsoring Team GB British Beefeaters at the Butchery World Championships taking place in Belfast in March 2018. The British Beefeaters team includes six of the best butchers from around the United Kingdom.

NEW! Smokehouse Sausage Mixes from Lucas

We are very pleased to be able to introduce 2 new sausage mixes that will fall under our new Smokehouse range.

Product Recipes

Both are packed 5x567g.

For a free sample complete the Contact Us form, or call Lucas free on 0800 138 5837.

NEW! Smokehouse Burger Mixes from Lucas

We are very pleased to be able to introduce 2 new burger mixes that will fall under our exciting new Smokehouse range.

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Consumer demand for smoke flavour is unwavering, growing year on year and across category! When it comes to burgers, we know consumers crave the ultimate American BBQ taste experience, but without the hassle. With this in mind, we created burger mixes with delicious smoke flavour that will help you stand out from the crowd and meet your consumer’s needs! Both are in a 8x340g pack.

For a free sample complete the Contact Us form, or call Lucas free on 0800 138 5837.

NEW! Lucas Goes Large!

The most popular varieties in the Lucas Butchers Classic Sausage Mix range are now available in larger pack sizes. Enough to make a 20kg finished batch of sausages.

Butchers Classic Cracked Black Pepper, Lincolnshire and Cumberland are all available in the new packs, as well as their original smaller packs. The recipe’s the same, the quality’s the same and the usage is the same, but now you can make more delicious sausages!

Product Recipes

For a free sample complete the Contact Us form, or call Lucas free on 0800 138 5837.

Butchers Classic Sausage Mixes

NEW! Easicure Reduced Salt Dry Cure from Lucas

Easicure Reduced Salt Dry Cure is the latest innovation from the team at Lucas Ingredients. With the strapline “Cut the Salt: Keep the Flavour” Reduced Salt Dry Cure contains 25% less salt than Traditional Easicure Dry Cure and results in a full-flavoured “home cured” bacon aimed at the retail butchery sector.

Easicure Dry Cure Range Product List | Identify the Correct Cure

For a free sample complete the Contact Us form, or call Lucas free on 0800 138 5837.

Easicure Reduced Salt Dry CureEasicure Range of Dry Cures

Lucas DYR Rusk
Lucas DYR Rusk

NEW - Butchers Classic Piri Piri Sausage Mix

Gluten-Free Cracked Black Pepper Sausage MixNEW! Gluten-Free Cracked Black
Pepper Sausage Mix

Thanks to Lucas, gluten-free no longer means taste-free! This new Gluten-Free Cracked Black Pepper variety is a complete sausage mix that is bursting with flavour. The sausages have a great visual appearance too, either raw or cooked, with just the right amount of real cracked black pepper pieces.

Like all Lucas complete sausage mixes, the new mix is easy to use – needing only the addition of meat and water and works equally well with pork, chicken, beef or even venison. It has a great texture and will appeal to any customer seeking a gluten-free option that’s a little bit different.

The new Gluten-Free Cracked Black Pepper sausage mix is of premium quality and comes with the consistent and reliable performance that retail butchers would expect from Lucas.

Free samples of the new mix are available to retail butchers by completing the Contact Us form, or by calling Lucas free on 0800 138 5837.

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The Fabulous Four! New Flavours from Butchers ClassicIntroducing 4 Fabulous NEW Flavours...

The Lucas Butchers Classic range of complete Sausage Mixes has become extremely popular and well established, but the team at Lucas knows that in this business, you can’t stand still if you want to stay ahead! Now they’ve come up with four new flavours that are absolutely right for today’s customer taste preferences.

The new flavours are Mustard, Caramelised Onion & Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic & Herb and Red Onion & Sage. Each mix is very easy to use, needing only the addition of meat and water and of course, complies with all the Lucas standards for top quality and consistency of performance. Each mix features a good depth of flavour, combined with great visual appearance: there are real mustard seeds; real dried onion pieces; real rubbed herbs in the different varieties. As with all Butchers Classic sausage mixes, they are also MSG free.

To help butchers make a choice, Lucas distributors are stocking the new varieties, so you can have real confidence when you add one or more to your existing range. It’s always a good idea to keep things fresh and interesting! There are now 20 varieties in total, so you can be sure to find something contemporary or traditional to suit pretty much everyone.

Click here to view recipes and product details...

Lucas CuresLucas Cures – A Profit Opportunity for
every Butcher!

The new Lucas Cures range includes a variety of wet and dry cures, pump and cover pickles, that have been developed specifically for the retail butcher. They’re easy to use and ideal for creating tasty “home-made” bacon, gammon, ham, pastrami and cooked meats such as corned beef and tongue. To find out more about the range click here. Choose the right Lucas Cure for the right job – click here to find out how!.

from the Lucas KitchenPork Pie Seasoning

Butchers Classic Pork Pie Seasoning!

Super-tasty, lower salt pork pie seasoning is no longer “pie in the sky” with this new product from Lucas Ingredients. The new recipe Butchers Classic Pork Pie seasoning replaces the current Lucas Kitchen Pork Pie Seasoning and butchers can rest assured that it’s a great improvement all the way. It has excellent texture, no MSG and complies with the FSA salt recommendations, so it’s absolutely ideal for today’s customers.

Lucas – Lorne Sausage Mix!

The Lucas Lorne Sausage mix is based on a traditional Scottish recipe, bursting with flavour and with delicious notes of nutmeg, mace, pepper, pimento and coriander. It’s ideal for beef and/or pork recipes and as it’s a complete mix, just needs the addition of meat and water. Lorne sausage is made in a square block, that’s sliced for cooking. Simply place the finished mix into a square mould to create the tastiest block of sausage meat.
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Butcher's Classic Pork Sausage Mix

A delicious sausage mix bursting with traditional spices of nutmeg, ginger, pepper, herbs and onion to bring a unique new flavour to your range. Contains no MSG. Contains breadrusk.
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