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Cereal Binders & Stuffings


Rusk is a cereal binder produced from wheat flours, for use in the manufacture of meat products. Its prime functions are to impart texture and absorb free water during processing and fats after cooking.

There are two types of rusk:

Yeastless rusk
This is manufactured by baking an unyeasted dough in sheet form which is then dried, ground and then sieved into various grades. Lucas Yeastless rusk will absorb up to 3 time it's own weight of water.

Breadrusk contains yeast to aerate it like bread and is formed into individual loaves then baked, dried and again, ground and sieved into various grades. Lucas breadrusk absorbs less water due to it's sponge like texture and Will accept between 1.25 and 1.5 times it's own weight of water.

Presoaking of rusk for sausage manufacture is now far less popular as it is acknowledged that a significant heat rise occurs during the hydration process which can encourage souring of the mix and colour loss.

Dry addition of rusk to sausage/ burgers and other Other Meat meats is now the most popular method of addition as it provides more free water in the mixing stage for easier handling and filling. The rusk then absorbs the last of the water after the manufacturing stage.



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