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Sausage Seasonings & Mixes

We were the first manufacturer to make and pack pre-blended seasonings for butchers, initially using ambient ground spices and herbs. Spice technology has developed significantly and different methods of processing spices and herbs, many of which have been pioneered by Lucas, mean that flavour release can be controlled during the manufacture, storage and cooking process. Depending on the end market and customer expectation in each sector, Lucas uses different combinations of these prepared spices and herbs to achieve the optimum taste effect right through the eating experience.

Sausage Seasonings
Lucas offers a range of coloured and plain seasonings incorporating varying heat and spice levels, with the benefit of antioxidant and preservative for optimum shelf life. Ask your local distributor for more details of the extensive range.

The more popular flavours are packed in convenient 227g/8oz units for 20lb/9kg batches. For those requiring 'clean' declarations, we also manufacture a special seasoning without additives - please see our Lifestyle Choice page for more details.

Sausage Mixes
The ever-increasing range of complete mixes enables the butcher to extend and vary their choice of sausage flavours easily, without holding large amounts of stock. The 'Butchers Classic' range incorporates breadrusk, which creates a traditional open texture and uses the very best raw ingredients. The range includes favourites such as Cracked Black Pepper, Piri Piri, Moroccan, Lincolnshshire, Cumberland, Pork & Leek and Pork & Chive.

Other exciting flavours of Lucas Sausage Mixes include Merguez, Boerwors, Hot Spanish Style, Hot & Spicy, Hickory Smoke, Toulouse, Lamb & Mint, Sun Dried Tomato & Basil, 'Celebration' for a special occasion classic pork sausage amongst many others. Your local distributor will be able to supply you with further information on the complete range, or refer to the Product Lists on this site.

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For an Ingredient Declaration, full Product Specification or samples, please contact us, or call our free helpline on 0800 138 5837.

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